Can You Read A Page Of Latin Without A Dictionary?

If not, then you need the 2,000 year old secret to learning Latin fast – used by everyone from Caesar himself to the Queen of England, to achieve Latin fluency with NO grammar book or dictionary...

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Dear Latin Lover,

Whether you have been studying Latin for years – or you're just starting to pick it up now – or you're looking to brush up on your schooldays Latin, you need the information contained in the free report, The 2,000-Year-Old Secret To Learning Latin FAST!

Because if you don't have the information contained in this report, you could waste years of your life trying to achieve Latin fluency with a broken method. The worst part is, since even the best textbooks today use this broken method, you could be on the wrong path already and not even know it.

It's so easy to be fooled by the exercises and grammar and vocabulary lists in most courses – to be fooled into believing you're marking progress.

But if you can't read even a single page of Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, or Seneca without a dictionary, you know you haven't got any closer to real Latin fluency.

That's when you know something has to change. If you want real fluency, you need a different method. Not a 'new' methodthe oldest method in the world. And that's the exact method the author of this free report explains in detail.

The Results Inspired By Truth

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. You don't care about theory or methodsyou just want something that works. The good news is – this method works.

But don't take my word for it. Here are just a few of the results obtained by students who have left their grammar books behind and adopted the method explained in The 2,000-Year-Old Secret To Learning Latin FAST:

  • Decoding Latin helps the reader feel fluent quickly and introduces some of the classic legends (Labours of Hercules etc) as a great starting point for further study.      
  • “Brilliant. A great way to learn latin and enjoyable.”  
  • “The content is consistently interesting, and the format obviates the need to worry about guessing or looking up vocabulary, so one is free to focus on how the Latin works.
  • Perfect, and great fun into the bargain.”
  • “This course in Latin leads students by the hand through the thicket of Latin's complex grammar and vast vocabulary.”
  • “Dr Westenberg has done it again... he has really decoded this language”

What has brought these people such satisfying and unbelievable results? The simple, timeless truths with which author Dr. Alexander Westenberg has filled the pages of his free report.

Following is a small sampling of the startling and thought-provoking statements inside The 2,000-Year-Old Secret To Learning Latin FAST:

The Latest Research on Language Learning

"The latest research has shown that the best way to learn Latin is the oldest – to learn with everything explained and translated right there in front of you."

"You’d think that always reading with the translation means you never learn to understand Latin without the translation right there in front of you… right? It would make sense – but it turns out the answer is no."

The Secret To True Fluency

"Basically, we think and communicate largely in phrases, not individual words.

 For example, the English slang ‘kicked the bucket’ means someone has died – it has nothing to do with buckets, and none of us interprets it that way. Instead, we know instantly what it means because we interpret and understand the phrase as a single unit.

 One phrase, one idea, one ‘chunk’ 

This is the ONLY way to present Latin as Latin. The only way to read it fluently in the order it was originally written.

 By learning Latin this way you hardwire whole ‘chunks’ of the language into your brain."

The Failures of Latin Educuation

"most people spend years STUDYING Latin – and yet have never read a SINGLE complete work in Latin.

 That’s shocking. And stupid.  

We get a sense of accomplishment when we read a full Latin work. It stamps a seal of approval in our minds. It’s also more interesting – and it supplies a larger context for our brains to understand. Which means we’re more likely to remember what we’ve read.

The truth is… Latin Is A LANGUAGE NOT A Puzzle!"

Bilingual Texts

"Most bilingual texts give English translations that are WAY are too ‘free’. Which means they’re so far short of being an aid to understanding – unless you’re already good at reading – as to be nothing less than a Big Joke At YOUR EXPENSE!

 There’s just no way you can use most bilingual texts to help you learn Latin unless you’re already comfortable reading Latin. "

Closing statement from author Dr. Alexander Westenberg –

"If you can read, write, and speak English – you can learn Latin. The secret is doing, not studying. Whether you're learning Latin for university, school, or just for interest's sake, you deserve the pure joy that comes from reading and thinking in this timeless language.

"There's no reason you can't achieve real fluency in the next 12 months. All you need is the information inside this 22-page report. It has only one objective – to show you the simplest, easiest, fastest, and most effective method of mastering Latin. Fill in your details below to get your copy of the free report, The 2,000-Year-Old Secret To Learning Latin FAST!

Alexander Westenberg

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