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Hi! My name is Alexander Westenberg, creator of Decoding Latin, a movement for Latin-learners the world over.

There’s no hard or easy Latin, there’s only real, interesting content… or there’s nothing.

If you asked most teachers, or looked at just about any Latin textbook, they’d probably give you a hundred reasons you need to do grammar first, and why what we’re doing can’t work.

But it does work.

Every single day.

This is Decoding Latin!

Did you know that the best way to learn Latin is to not try to remember anything?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about memory techniques, the importance of grammar, and all that kind of thing; but while that can be useful, I’m going to share three secrets with you today that are going to revolutionize the way you learn Latin.

I’m Dr Alexander Westenberg and I’m a Latin teacher who has helped hundreds of students learn Latin over the years.

So what is the secret to learning Latin?

It’s Input.

It’s comprehensible, enjoyable, input.

So, I’m going to share with you three secrets about input and how you can use it to learn more Latin, more effectively, and more quickly, than with any other method.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: this just isn’t possible, because you can’t learn a language without learning the grammar rules and remembering the vocabulary.

But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can create your own immersion on demand and get amazing results.

So the first secret is that learning grammar is learning about Latin, not actually learning Latin.

The big idea here is that the best – and only – way to learn something is to practice it.

This is important because , and learning grammar doesn’t give you practice in Latin, it only gives you practice in rules about Latin! Not so helpful…

The second secret is your brain remembers what it’s used to.

The main thing to understand here is that your brain can’t absorb something straight away, it needs to get comfortable in it, so you need to give it lots of Latin so it starts to recognise Latin as a friend.

This means it will start assimilating it internally and you’ll start remembering and understanding the grammar and vocabulary


The third secret is you only learn within a context.

The main thing to understand here is that every memory you have is connected in some way to a context; that’s why it’s so easy t remember

things from your favourite movie or TV show, but not things you tried to memorise for a test – there’s no context.

This is key because Latin is a language, and like every language, it’s all about communication ideas and experiences.

So the best way to remember and learn it is in the context of stories, in the context of real communication.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.It’s that you need to get the foundations right or else you’ll pick up bad habits and never really understand properly.

Well the tricky thing is that hanging around the ‘foundations’ level is a never-ending task, because real language isn’t graded in levels! That means that there is no

‘beginner’ Latin, and no way to ‘get it right’ before jumping in – you just have to get going and keep going!

And so I’ve created this Decoding Latin Masterclass Membership you can get enough input easily to learn to read and understand Latin fluently, no matter what level you’re at.

The material here is uniquely designed to allow you to read real Latin authors – and understand them – from day one.

And so what this is going to do is really motivate you because you’re reading real Latin, and it’s also going to take your comprehension forward in leaps and bounds as your brain immerses itself in the language! And I, as your guide, who has spent the last ten years searching for the best way to learn a language, what I do is I read

and listen to it, and just enjoy the story – that’s the secret!

So let me be honest with you: I’m good at learning languages. I’ve tried just about every method there is, and I love learning new languages. I know four languages, and can get by in another four or five..

When people hear this, they usually think that I must have some special natural talent.

But the truth is, I’m not special.

The truth is, I struggled with languages, and I struggled with no language more than with Latin.

But I discovered the ‘secret weapon’ for learning Latin, which I call the Decoding Latin method. With the right approach, regular reading and listening, Latin can be learnt quickly, easily, effectively, and with enjoyment. And because I’ve mastered the Decoding Latin Method I find the Latin language opening up to me every day, and I greet Roman authors as friends, not as enemy spies writing in a code I have to crack!

So what I’ve done is I’ve created a membership with everything you need to recreate that for yourself.

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